Business Sustainability Assessment

Our purpose is to help you and your business thrive through positive and sustainable change

One of the many challenges business owners face is the tendency to operate their business in isolation, without the necessary access to important information, which can assist in better understanding whether the current path the business is on can be sustainable in the long term.

To add to the isolation, there are a number of key areas which underpin business sustainability and long term success. Understanding how well your business performs in each one of these can be a difficult juggle.

To help you better understand and evaluate the factors that will impact on the long term sustainability of your family-owned business, we provide a comprehensive assessment with a focus on five key areas:

  • Business Model and Strategy
  • Financial Position
  • Market Position
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Family Strength

The outcome of the assessment is a comprehensive report that identifies strengths and challenges in each area and provides detailed recommendations to reduce risk and improve sustainability.