Communication & Engagement

Our purpose is to help you and your business thrive through positive and sustainable change

Re-imagining your Family in Business – one step at a time

If one of the following questions keeps you awake at night, then we are here to help:

  • How do we protect our Family Wealth and share it fairly?
  • How do we get ourselves better organised for tomorrow?
  • How do I prepare the next generation to be good shareholders or executives?
  • Do my children want to be involved in the business  and are they ready for that?
  • How do we create good Family Conversations?

At Liquidgold Consultants, the support we provide for your Family in Business to find answers to these questions is not simply work – we are passionate about creating a sustainable future for tomorrow’s generation by guiding good conversations and decision making today.

In short, if you want to work with somebody who lives and breathes Family Business, then you have come to the right place.


“Working with Susanne has enlightened me to the importance of quality conversations on the purpose of wealth for both the business and family. Understanding the motivation, intention and legacy is key to the succession process.”

Stacey Martin, Trusted Authority on Wealth Strategies, NAB Private Wealth


To assist your Family with better communication and engagement, we carefully listen to all family members, before we guide and facilitate the transition process to provide your Family with the right tools and frameworks for a harmonious relationship of your Family in Business.

An example of the tools we might use to help your Family include:

  • Family Diagnostic
  • Shareholder Alignment Diagnostic
  • Family Strength Assessment

 Please e-mail or call us if you would like to discuss how we might be able to assist us.