Who We Are

Our purpose is to help you and your business thrive through positive and sustainable change

Owning and building a business is one of the most satisfying journeys to embark on.  It is a passion that we share with you.

We understand that the business you have created, the people you have surrounded yourself with, the clients you supply with goods or services, the community you are part of and the family you have been supporting are all important to you.

We also understand that as you grow your business, keeping up with all the changes necessary to ensure your business will continue to grow in a sustainable way, to keep your people motivated and performing and to ensure that your Family is  on this journey with you can seem like an impossible task.

Our Values

Susanne Bransgrove

Susanne Bransgrove


Susanne Bransgrove’s passion for Family Businesses is built on her experience as a 3rd generation member of a succesful German business, allowing her to truly understand the range of issues that exist in a family business, especially when trying to meet the needs of multiple generations.

Over the many years working with Families in Business, Susanne has been able to assist in solving issues through manageable discussion frameworks, functional governance structures and facilitating conversations to enable meaningful interactions supporting the important human element and emotional side of long-term business and family decisions.

Susanne’s vision is to bring balance to Families in Business, to support the Next Generation to be the best leaders they can be and to improve communication and trust between individual members of the Family.

Michael Simonyi

Michael Simonyi


Michael brings 15 years of recruiting for family businesses, and a true passion for the sector, to LiquidGold.

Following a career in commercial banking which included building deep relationships with family business clients, Michael spent four years in sales management in a business owned by three families, during which time he gained first-hand experience of the dysfunction caused by poor governance.

Michael’s purpose is to help families create sustainable businesses through attracting and retaining high-calibre talent in key roles.

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